Like nothing else in Nosara.


Beach Break Bungalows guests enjoy their own individual bungalow with a kitchen, allowing them privacy from other guests as well as the economical option of being able to make their own meals if they so choose. Having a supermarket onsite makes that choice super easy, but having a restaurant onsite allows guests to be carefree as well. The perfect combination of small house rental with the amenities of a hotel stay.




el chivo cantina

One of Nosara's newer restaurants, El Chivo is a Mexican inspired cantina started by a couple that has over a decade of restaurant experience in Nosara, and the ambiance and atmosphere there are a testament to their time here. Guests of Beach Break Bungalows can bill their restaurant tabs to their room. 


la bodega 

Newly opened, La Bodega has been embraced by the community for it's great selection of fine foods; offering snacks, easy meal ingredients, toiletries and necessities all within a few steps of your apartment. Guests of Beach Break Bungalows can pre order and have their fridge stocked for arrival. On Tuesdays and Fridays, panini style sandwiches, soups, salads and quiches can be enjoyed at the "Pantry" counter in the back of the market.



beach break bungalows

The pool at Beach Break is for guest use and enjoyment. There's nothing quite like cooling off after a day at the beach with a refreshing dip in the pool, or a margarita poolside. Take advantage of the restaurant nearby and have someone else bring your drinks for you!


beach break bungalows

All of our bungalows are equipped with a kitchen for your convenience and comfort. There are plenty of great restaurants in Playa Pelada, but sometimes it's nice to have coffee and breakfast in, or have a night off from eating out. Many of our guests at Beach Break enjoy our pre-stock service and have their fridge filled before they arrive.